Infocura x SoftwareONE

Infocura, a prominent Gold Partner in the Benelux region and recognized expert in data and artificial intelligence (AI), enthusiastically announces a closer collaboration with SoftwareOne, a leading IBM Platinum Business Partner. This partnership, now also encompassing the Microsoft environment, is a strategic move that further strengthens our presence and impact in the market.

Infocura's profound technical expertise in data and AI in the Benelux region is a core aspect of this collaboration. By joining forces with SoftwareOne, we can expand and make our expertise in data management and AI solutions more accessible to a broader audience. This collaboration enables us to support clients from the initial orientation phase through to the full optimization of their IBM and Microsoft software solutions.

Our choice to collaborate with SoftwareOne reflects our commitment to providing customers with access to a more extensive and integrated offering. SoftwareOne's search for a partner with deep technical expertise, strong market connections, and years of experience in database management and AI found an ideal match in Infocura. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for customers to benefit from our combined knowledge and experience.

Hans Miseur, CEO of Infocura, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration. "This collaboration with SoftwareOne allows us to expand our total offering. We can now leverage our extensive knowledge of data and AI to help clients select, install, and optimize the right IBM and Microsoft software. For companies looking to remain competitive in the future, now is the time to actively engage with data and AI."

Our longstanding relationship with SoftwareOne, strengthened by this collaboration, ensures that customers now have access to a comprehensive range of services and solutions. From the initial selection and installation to the ultimate optimization of IBM and Microsoft software, our joint efforts provide unprecedented value and expertise.

We are proud of this collaboration with SoftwareOne and look forward to the opportunities it offers to our customers. For advice on IBM and Microsoft solutions and insight into what this collaboration can mean for you, we invite you to contact Infocura.

Read the blogpost from SoftwareOne for more info.

Published on
February 6, 2024