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Data Architecture

All over the world companies are starting to use (visual) analytics for a multitude of reasons. Winning customers, reducing cost, improving go to market times, …
Some even say data is the new oil. This sound great. But…

There is no data science without data engineering!

No matter how good your data scientists are, without a proper backbone managing your (big)data the outcome will probably be disappointing and costly.
Forward looking companies tend to invest in data scientists. Typically business profiles with statistical skills who dive into the data, mining for insight.

Again, sounds great, but …

Companies expect the data scientist to do the data preparation as well. Field reports tell us that on average data scientists spend more than 60% of their time gathering the data, leaving  less time to do the actual analytics. It’s like asking the TV repair guy to do the plumbing while he is at it.

This is where Infocura steps in. We are the guys in the back making sure that your analysts or researchers can get the correct data when and how they need it. Ready for analysis.

We'll identify the issues and help you define a modern and enduring data (analytics) architecture that is best-fit for you.
We understand both the options and uses of (big) data and can show you the best fit technologies for your future data analytics environment.
We'll work with your team to evaluate the options through a pragmatic lens, helping you to decide how best to leverage your existing investments while paving the way for tomorrow's technologies.

Data Architecture

We help you discover what it means to be truly data-driven and we show you what it takes to get there.

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Data Management

We take care of the day-to-day management of your data environment both on mainframe and distributed systems.

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Are you aiming to get certified?  Infocura offers valuable classroom trainings designed by our technology partners.

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Are you a Data Management Professional? And looking for a new challenge? Then we should meet! Because WE ARE HIRING.

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We value the long-term relationships we have built with our carefully selected high-standard technology partners.

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We are looking forward to see you at one of the many information management events we attend or contribute to.

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